Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week! Can't believe I'm 39 and can't wait to turn 40 next year. Since I've moved to Scotland I've been celebrating my birthday on the downlow in part because I have no friends and no friends means no party! Anyway, David asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said I wanted him to make me a birthday cake - I didn't want him to ask Sheena to make one me and he wasn't allowed to buy one at the store. I requested a chocolate or chocolate/vanilla combo with no fruit or fruit sauce (bananas would have been okay) and with whipped cream frosting. I also requested that it be made with a Betty Crocker ready to go cake mix out of the box - I love Betty Crocker.

Here's what happened...

David came home from the grocery store after having spent over £50 on ingredients and supplies which included: fruit and fruit sauce and caster sugar for the seriously sweet icing and no whipped cream whatsoever. HMMM...

Was I wrong to be slightly miffed that he wanted to make the cake that he wanted rather than the one I wanted? It was my only request this year. I admit, I was a bitch and said no fruit on my cake and you had better go back to the store and get some damn whipped cream for my frosting.

David never made it back to the store. After labouring with the ingredients and putting it in the oven, it all went horribly wrong. When I went in to the kitchen to take a peek at it, I opened the oven door and as the smoke poured out of the oven, discovered that it was quite burned on top. David took it out of the oven, put in on a cooling rack, and at some point flipped it over after which the middle came pouring out because it was a bit undercooked.

The Final Result

We both had a really good laugh.

The date is set...

The Happy Couple on a Walk at Gleneagles.

The wedding extravaganza will be taking place on June 27th, 2009! Can't wait to get everyone over here for a seriously fun soiree. Will possibly be getting hitched at the church in Port of Mentieth which is where David grew up and the family home is. The church sits right on the lake and is about 20 minutes from our house in Stirling which is where we will be setting up a marquee for the reception.

The Lake of Menteith

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Philosophy Weekend Away

The Philosophy Reading Weekend is a student event which is supposed to inspire great philsophical discussion while also presenting the students with the opportunity to bond with their peers. In reality, it's a great excuse to hang out and get excessively pissed in a really pretty place. While I was intrigued with the student presentations (there were 6 over the weekend), I really only wanted to go to hang out with my students and see what they were like outside of my cocoon which is the office.
Friday, I put in a fairly good performance - lots of booze and to bed at 2:30am (early by student standards) but Saturday I didn't fair as well. Woke up too early, hungover and hungry but rallied in order not to miss such a beautiful day. I went with Sonia (RCUK Fellow) and Mike (student) for a two hour walk, had lunch, then had a lovely horseback walk through the meadows. Lovely day but then had to go back to the hotel for 3 presentation (at an hour each) and by 10:30, after a coke and 2 redbulls, I still passed out because of the sleep deprevation. One thing about my students (other than they're absolutely lovely) is that they have got stamina for drinking and whooping it up like you wouldn't believe. i'd had to be on crack to keep up with them!
Anyway, this was my first solo drive in the UK and I managed neither to crash or get lost - a gret success!
My "philosophising" look.

Horseback riding near Aviemore. I was on Wizard.

Sonia and Mike

Me and Matt Linaker

Me and Chris Keane

Me and Ed Gregson

Me and Lottie Hanson (PostGrad student)

The Philosophy students.

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