Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some Pics

Just some pics that I wanted to post.

This is the view from Ullapool. There's a place in Ullapool that has the best fish and chips you have ever tasted!

On our trip to Lochinver we visited a place called Assynt which is home to Ardvreck Castle and Calda House. David said that they filmed some scenes from Highlander here at the castle.

Beach shot at Achmelvick...gorgeous!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Waiting

I have a little while before I have to go to the chiropractor and so I just thought I'd write a little blip. Things are well here in Stirling. Sophie was up for a week and so there was a lot going on. We went to Go Ape which is described as an aerial assault course. Basically, you're in a harness the whole time and you climb up trees and go from tree to tree in various ways - walking across wooden bridges, riding a zip line, or jumping off and swinging (the Tarzan move). It was fun but boring. There was a lot of waiting...waiting to climb up the tree, waiting to cross to the other tree, waiting because there were too many people on the platform (which is on the tree) and when you have to wait with people who are extremely annoying behind you (no, not David or Sophie but rather a Mother/Daughter trio who tried to tell you how to do everything even though you didn't want their advice) it can become a bit of a bummer. Best parts? The zip line across the valley and watching David (he's got a thing about heights - he says it's vertigo but really he's just scared and won't admit it!) It was slightly freaky to put your faith in to a piece of metal that would hopefully hold your weight (even though you've gained a few) and jump off in to nothingness. The caribiner was sturdy enough but my pants weren't and they split later that day...bummer.

Worked a half day on Friday so that we could have some fun and ended up going go-karting and to see Cats in Edinburgh. GO KARTING ROCKS! I love it. David had been before but Sophie and I had no idea what we were doing. Thought we'd be taking it easy around the course but David sped off right from the start (gee, thanks for waiting Davy) and when he lapped me and Sophie (with no regard for safety) bumping in to his own daughter's kart simply to prove his manliness, it really pissed me off and then we went flying around the course which, of course, is a blast. David won the race but I had the fastest lap time. I have challenged him to a re-match.

I love going in to Edinburgh because I miss city life and the normal things that you find in the city compared to Stirling - decent Pizza and salads, sushi, nice shops - it has become my new mecca. Cats was good but strange (maybe because it seems so dated?) It was fun going to see a show even though it was about Jellicle cats.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Warm Water Awaits

We have finally planned a trip. After 6 months of wanting to and waiting to plan a trip we have finally done it! 5 days in SF to visit the family and then we're off to Belize for diving and lollygagging. We are going to Caye Caulker which is a tiny island off of the coast, a place I never got a chance to see on my Mexico/Central America tour (ages ago) because Belize was a bit too scary (they had a Tourist Police Unit that followed us around because too many tourists were getting mugged and assaulted.)

We are staying at a place called Oasi, a wee inn (only 3 rooms) that I found by scouring Trip Advisor.

There are no cars on the island, only bicycles and golf carts...soooo totally my speed. I can't tell you how jazzed I am to do some really fantastic diving and, in particular, to see the Blue Hole. David is planning to get certified while we are there...I haven't had a diving buddy since my Dad abandoned me for golf!