Saturday, April 12, 2008

April Showers

Video of what I woke up to last weekend! Makes yard work a bit more difficult...frozen fingers and all but the day actually ended fairly warm. The weird thing about Scottish weather id that it changes at the drop of of a hat but I suppose that's what I love about it.
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Long Weekend in London

So David and I went down to London for the long Easter weekend so see Sophie and go to show. I love going down to London. Even though I love living in Stirling, I do sometimes miss the city...the hordes of people, the great shops and the fantastic food available on every corner - you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a great salad in Stirling! We were able to stay with Alison, David's sister, and her husband Nicky which is always a treat as they are absolutely lovely (like all of David's family) and their house is located in South Kensington which is not only perfectly located but is quite a posh neighborhood.
We didn't do too much sightseeing as Sophie now has ME and couldn't quite manage alot of touring around but we nevertheless had a great time...a couple of IMAX films at the Science Museum, lots of movies and went to see Wicked! Loved it!
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Here are some pics from our trip to Belize. Although it looks spectular (and it was), it was blowing a howling gale, it was raining and it was cold! Although I was able to get out the old sundress, I had to wear it with a sweathsirt and legwarmers.
David managed to get certified which was a miracle because the swells were so big. And I've never in my life seen someone throw up so much. Who would have guessed that this strong, brute of man could have such a sensitive tummy?
After lugging all my dive gear around first to SF and then onto Belize, I was only able to get in a couple of dives but they were pretty amazing. The reef here is spectactular...corals like I've never seen. And sharks! Upon descending on my first dive, I looked down and saw half a dozen nurse sharks (harmless) circling below me. So cool...
Of course the weather got so much better right before we were leaving to come home!
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First Christmas in Scotland

I love Christmas and I was so excited to celebrate my first Christmas here. One thing to note is that Scotland celebrates Christmas on a more conservative note than we do in the states. No garish light displays (well, there was this one house that managed to display about twenty years worth of Christmas lights and displays all out at the same time), really charming lights through the town centre, and mostly just Christmas trees in windows.
Sophie was here so we went to Edinburgh for the Christmas festival. Edinburgh is beautiful at Christmas time and we had a blast although it was about 26 degrees outside. It was so cold that the fog was crystallizing. It's a very strange feeling to have iced fog in your eyes.

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